Maverick Diesel 10-16 Cummins Autocal

Maverick Diesel 10-16 Cummins Autocal

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Maverick Diesel Cummins Autocal is a handheld device that Either 3 single tunes or 5 switchable on the fly tunes are stored on. This is for 10-16 6.7 Cummins equipped trucks

Our tunes are typically as follows:

3 Single Tunes: Heavy Tow, Street and Max Power

Switchable on the Fly: Optimized Stock, Heavy Tow, Light Tow/ Economy, Street and Max Power. 

Our custom tunes have been road and dyno tested and each set of custom tunes is built to your specific setup. Stock fuel and air trucks will see upwards of 200rwhp gains depending on the year of the truck. Trucks with more aggressive modifications will see better spool, cooler egts and more power from their setup than with box tuning. 
All of our custom tunes will come with 1 year of FREE tuning updates. This means that if you change your setup in the first year, you will get a FREE retune. 
Autocal's typically ship within 1-2 business days of the date purchased. (Dependent on Holiday or day of week ordered)