AFE BladeRunner Intercooler 2010-2011

AFE BladeRunner Intercooler 2010-2011

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The AFE BladeRunner intercoolers utilize a 3.15"" bar and plate design that is 44% larger than stock and outflows OE style tube and fin core designs by 107%!

Multi-Directional Vane Technology: The BladeRunner MDV technology is used to direct hot air flow through the entire intercooler core. This allows for greater cooling than competitors units.

3.15"" Bar and Plate Core Design: The use of the bar and plate core design allows for greater airflow and increased heat dissipation over the much smaller tube and fin design used by the OEM.

Multiple Auxiliary Ports: Four tapped 1/8"" ports are supplied on the boost tubes for easy installation of gauges or nitrous oxide systems.

Billet Aluminum Inlet/Outlets: Each BladeRunner Intercooler uses billet aluminum inlets and outlets for superior strength and durability. The 3-1/2"" inlet/outlet connections oversized boost tubes included. This intercooler also features 3-1/2” inlet/outlet connections mated to oversized boost tubes, included.

Tig-Welded: 100% TIG-Welded by certified craftsmen for race proven strength and durability. TIG-Welding provides the strongest welds reducing stress cracks.

The BladeRunner Intercooler is test pressure rated at 200psi which is perfect for high boost applications. Don't waste your time and money on modified factory intercoolers. Invest in the aFe BladeRunner intercooler, the most sophisticated intercooler design on the planet.

Features & Benefits:
  • 100% TIG Welded
  • Pressure Rated for 200 PSI!
  • Multi-Directional Vanes
  • 44% Larger Than Stock
  • Lower EGT's
  • Hassle Free Bolt-on Installation
  • Both Intercooler Pipes Included

Application Note: You must check your build date to confirm fitment on 2011 models. This intercooler fits only on trucks built April, 2011 and earlier. Will not fit on high output engine.

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