ATS Aurora 3000/5000 Compound Turbo Kit 2003-2007

ATS Aurora 3000/5000 Compound Turbo Kit 2003-2007

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The ATS 202A352272 Aurora 3000/5000 Compound Turbo Kit for your 2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins is the ultimate Compound Turbo System. This ready-to-install kit includes all the necessary components to get your truck running at peak performance with the Aurora 3000/5000 Compound System. ATS Compound Systems feature "Pair Matched" performance so you get a smooth transition between the small and large turbo, that not only increases performance and drivability but also lowers EGT's and increases fuel mileage.

Aurora 3000/5000 Twin (Compound) Turbo Kit, Large turbo up top Fits CR Dodge 03-07, 5.9L Complete with Turbos, Front WG Manifold, Piping and all Mounting Hardware


  • Aurora 3000/5000 Compounds
  • Pair Matched Performance
Note: Boost pressure is adjustable down to 40PSI, when boost levels of over 48 PSI are run head studs are highly recommended.

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