ATS Aurora Plus 5000 Compound Turbo Kit 2003-2007

ATS Aurora Plus 5000 Compound Turbo Kit 2003-2007

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The ATS 202A522272 Aurora Plus 5000 Compound Turbo System for your 2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins is a ready-to-install Compound Turbo System designed to work with your factory HE351 Turbocharger. Combining your stock turbocharger with the ATS Aurora 5000 gives you a compound turbo system that is unmatched in response and performance.

Why compound? Compounding turbochargers increase both power and performance. Smaller turbochargers are known for quicker response times and "off-the-line" power, but they are limited in the peak power they can produce. Larger turbochargers can produce massive power, but lag in the lower ranges. Compounding turbochargers allows for the best of both the large and small turbochargers to be utilized.

The ATS Aurora Plus 5000 Compound Turbo Kit can easily support over 650 horsepower. ATS has spent thousands of hours perfecting the balance of the turbochargers in our compound setup, until they were able to "do it all". These turbochargers are matched perfectly in order to allow any truck to tow heavy loads, drag race, sled pull, and daily drive, all in one package! No fabrication is necessary for installation on stock applications. ATS recommends the use of head studs with this turbo kit (sold separately).


  • Compound your stock HE351 with the massive ATS Aurora 5000
  • Gain massive power while maintaining stock response times
  • Ultimate towing and performance compound setup
  • Designed to easily install without interfering with stock components
  • No need for additional parts or fabrication
  • Comes with a 5 year/500,000 mile warranty from ATS Diesel Performance
Note: Trucks with aftermarket 3.5" intercoolers require 3.5" silicone boot ATS Part# 2020262272.

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