BD Power Super B R600 Turbo 2003-2007

BD Power Super B R600 Turbo 2003-2007

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The BD-Power 1045132 Super B R600 Turbo for your 2003-2007 Dodge 5.9L Cummins is a high performance turbocharger that bridges the gap between the BD-Power Super B Special and the BD-Power R650. The Super B R600 features a full floating axial bearings with a 6-pad thrust bearing design for long term durability and enhanced spool-up.

This turbocharger is best suited for street performance, high performance and track applications. For use on trucks that have aggressive tuning, head studs and extensive fuel system upgrades such as injectors and CP3 mods.

  • Supports 600HP
  • S366/80 T3 0.80AR
  • Great For Track, & Street Performance
  • Turnbuckle Adjustable HD Sprung Wastegate 

Note: The BD-Power 1045132 Super B R600 Turbocharger will retain the use of the factory exhaust elbow. Because of this, no additional downpipes are needed. This turbocharger will also work with BD-Power Turbo-Mount exhaust brakes and most Pacbrake turbo-mounted exhaust brakes.

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