Linco Diesel Performance Open House (Dyno Event) Sept 2021
I hadn't planned on covering this event so if it has a family album feel, well, that's ok, right? I learned I can fit me, 4 kids, 2 dogs, 4 turbos and a bottle of nitrous in my car. Anywho, here's...
Fall Rocky Mountain Truck Fest (Dyno Event) September 2021
We brought the mobile dyno out for this event. We ended up having to stop a little early due to rain but the unexpected is what makes life adventurous. Here's a photo recap: (Oh, and if you can't tell, we...
Scheid ODSS Race August 2021
Photo recap of Scheid 2021 Race: (I didn't have a camera card for part of this trip so this album is short and sweet)    
Rockytop ODSS Race June 2021
Photo recap of 2021 Rockytop Race:
May 2021 Ohio ODSS Race
A photo recap of the 2021 ODSS race hosted by Firepunk Diesel
Spring Florida ODSS race 2021
 A photo recap of the Maverick Diesel crew at the spring 2021 ODSS Hardway race:  
YouTube Channel Up and Running!
We have launched our YouTube Channel and will actively be using it from this point on! We will be including things such as daily shop life, updates on our shop vehicles, mods we are currently working on and more!  Our...
Featured in Engine Builder Magazine!
Check out this article that Engine Builder Magazine put together!