About Maverick Diesel


     Maverick Diesel was founded in 2016 by Paul Cato. It's original location was in Royalton, IL, but due to growth into 2020 the shop changed locations and moved into Energy, IL where it is housed at 403 S Pershing St Energy, IL 62933. Maverick Diesel is more than just a shop, we are a racing family that works on performance trucks to your everyday diesels. We also supply parts, tuning, and more to our customers across the country. If it has a diesel engine we can help! From Ford, Chevy, Dodge and more! 


     Paul Cato has been in the diesel industry since 2009. He attended diesel technology school in his early 20s. He has worked along side other diesel enthusiasts in the industry before starting Maverick Diesel in 2016. When not at the shop you can find Paul racing at events across the country that are not limited to Outlaw Diesel Super Series (ODSS) or No Prep events. 

     The race truck that you see on Maverick Diesel's social media and other platforms is a 1994 Ram 2500 truck which can be seen below. 

     The truck has seen many different looks, but here are the common two that you may have seen over the course of the years. 

     Paul has won many awards across the board racing these last few years. Maverick Diesel as a team plans to walk into 2021 with the same mentality that hard work pays off.