Maverick Diesel 2nd Gen Tubular Transmission Crossmember

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When you get serious about racing you figure out that your trans has to come out more often than is fun. You gotta love the ups and the downs if you're going to chase success, though. We came up with a simper solution than removing and replacing the factory crossmember. It's a weight reduction mod, too. Check it out.

This crossmember is 3 pieces. 2 plates with tabs that will mount where the factory 4 bolts would go on the frame rails and then 1 tubular crossmember with trans mount stud holes. 

This crossmember can be removed with no more than basic hand tools and will not require a BFH or a port-a-power to spread the frame rails to get the crossmember out. 

Will fit with 47re, NV4500 and NV5600.

 ****Crossmembers are built to order. Please allow 5-7 business days till they ship out****

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